Volume: 10 Issue: 1

Volume: 10 Issue: 1 

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Carbon Nanotube Beam Model and Free Vibration Analysis / Pages: 1-4
Büşra Uzun, Ömer Civalek

Numerical Methods for FGM Composites Shells and Plates / Pages: 5-12
Serçil Solmaz, Ömer Civalek

Elastic Beam Model and Bending Analysis of Silver Nanowires/ Pages: 13-20
Hayri Metin Numanoğlu, Ömer Civalek

Analytical Buckling of FG Nanobeams on The Basis of A New One Variable First-Order Shear Deformation Beam Theory/ Pages: 21-34
Mohammad Malikan, Shahriar Dastjerdi





Numerical Methods in Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanic and applications, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Vibration Problems in Engineering, Higher order elasticity (Strain gradient, couple stress, surface elasticity, nonlocal elasticity), Applied Mathematics.


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