Volume: 9 Issue: 3 is published

Volume: 9 Issue: 3

Performance Estimation of Organic Rankine Cycle by Using Soft Computing Technics / Pages: 1-10
Tuğba Kovacı, Arzu Şencan Şahin, Erkan Dikmen, Hasan Burak Şavklı

Efficient Finite Element Models for Calculation of the No-load losses of the Transformer / Pages: 11-21
Kamran Dawood, Mehmet Aytac Cınar, Bora Alboyacı, Olus Sonmez

A Case Study on Speed Behavior Determination Via Average Speed Enforcement at The Akdeniz University Campus Area / Pages: 22-35
Arzu Ilgaz, Mehmet Saltan

Effects of Inhomogeneity and Thickness Parameters on the Elastic Response of a Pressurized Hyperbolic Annulus/Disc Made of Functionally Graded Material / Pages: 36-50
Vebil Yıldırım

Expert controller in multi-variable System of Temperature and Humidity / Pages: 51-59
Ma Yinping, Zu-yan Lu

Estimate the Sediment Load Entering the Left Side of Mosul Dam Lake Using Four Methods / Pages: 60-74
Mohammed Qusay Mahmood Alkattan, Muayad Saadallah Khaleel Khaleel

Numerical Investigation of Multi Airfoil Effect on Performance Increase of Wind Turbine / Pages: 75-86
Haci Sogukpinar

Comparison of small scale effect theories for buckling analysis of nanobeams / Pages: 87-97
Kadir Mercan, Ömer Civalek





Numerical Methods in Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanic and applications, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Vibration Problems in Engineering, Higher order elasticity (Strain gradient, couple stress, surface elasticity, nonlocal elasticity), Applied Mathematics.


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