Volume:8 Issue:1

Alternative Approach For Thermal Analysis Of Transcritical Co2 One-Stage Vapor Compression Cycles / Pages: 1-6
Bayram Kılıç

Creep strain measurements using an Alternating Current Potential Drop method: A Nondestructive approach / Pages: 7-15
C.M. Omprakash, A. Kumar, R.N. Ghosh, A. Sridhar, B. Srivathsa, D.V.V. Satyanarayana

Vibration Suppression And Precision Positioning Of A Piezoelectric Beam With Graded Properties / Pages: 16-25
Eman Eshraqi, Morteza Shahravi, Milad Azimi

The effects of thickness on frequency values for rotating circular shells / Pages: 26-37
Kadir Mercan, Çiğdem Demir, Hakan Ersoy, Ömer Civalek

Analytic Solutions To Power-Law Graded Hyperbolic Rotating Discs Subjected To Different Boundary Conditions / Pages: 38-52
V. Yıldırım



Numerical Methods in Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanic and applications, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Vibration Problems in Engineering, Higher order elasticity (Strain gradient, couple stress, surface elasticity, nonlocal elasticity), Applied Mathematics.


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