Volume:8 Issue:2 (Special Issue: Nanomechanics)


Modulated linear dynamics of nanobeams accounting for higher gradient effects / Pages: 1-20
Dario Abbondanza, Daniele Battista, Francescogiuseppe Morabito, Chiara Pallante, Raffaele Barretta, Raimondo Luciano, Francesco Marotti de Sciarra, Giuseppe Ruta

Bending of CNTs Under The Partial Uniform Load / Pages: 21-29
Mustafa Arda, Metin Aydogdu

Static Analysis of a Nano Plate by Using Generalized Differential Quadrature Method / Pages: 30-39
Şeref Akbaş

Buckling Analysis of a Rotationally Restrained Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Embedded In An Elastic Medium Using Nonlocal Elasticity / Pages: 40-50
Mustafa Yaylı

Studying the Vibrational Behavior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes under Different Boundary Conditions using the Rayleigh-Ritz Technique / Pages: 51-67
R Ansari, H Rouhi, S Sahmani

Thermo-Mechanical Vibration of Size Dependent Shear Deformable Functionally Graded Conical Nanoshell Resting On Elastic Foundation / Pages: 68-86
Fahimeh Mehralian, Yaghoub Beni

Static analysis of functionally graded rectangular nanoplates based on nonlocal third order shear deformation theory / Pages: 87-100
Maziar Janghorban

Buckling Analysis of Silicon Carbide Nanotubes (SiCNTs) / Pages: 101-108
Kadir Mercan, Ömer Civalek

Nonlocal Finite Element Formulation for Vibration / Pages: 109-117
Çiğdem Demir, Ömer Civalek



Numerical Methods in Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanic and applications, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Vibration Problems in Engineering, Higher order elasticity (Strain gradient, couple stress, surface elasticity, nonlocal elasticity), Applied Mathematics.


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